Sikorsky Credit Union - Heads Up
Marketing and promotion agency for consumer and business to business companies, working on a local, national and global level. Cost-effective, collaborative solutions that create excitement and get results.
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Sikorsky Credit Union

Simply Invaluable.

Our positioning statement says it all. Sikorsky Credit Union strives to be easy, simple and consistent to work with, to make its products, services and interactions simple to understand and use, and to provide exceptional service.This corporate mission lead us to one simply perfect word … invaluable: (in-val-yoo-uh-buh l ) having great value that is impossible to calculate; priceless. And so the tagline of “Simply Invaluable” was created to mirror the Credit Union’s values and commitment. In communities with a heavy banking presence, along with a rapidly evolving industry, Sikorsky Credit Union has made a strong effort to raise its profile and broaden its appeal. It is our goal to help them create awareness, spark interest, and put a smile on the face of their audience through online and print advertising campaigns, direct mail, billboards, newsletters, and in-branch marketing materials.