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Marketing and promotion agency for consumer and business to business companies, working on a local, national and global level. Cost-effective, collaborative solutions that create excitement and get results.
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what we do

… and why we love doing it.

  • Consumer Marketing

    We've all been there. And that is what we do best; we channel our inner consumer.

  • B2B Marketing

    Not for the faint of heart. We know our way around and irish whiskey or two.

  • Health & Beauty

    Ahhh ... a relaxing day at the spa. Wait, no we are too busy.

  • Social media

    Who doesn't love to get likes? See how our brand identity works across all media.

  • Promotion

    The virtual work day ... find out what you get when this guy arrives in the mail.

  • Education

    A specialty that is close to our hearts. Yes we are parents.

  • Infographics

    Excel spread sheets? No thank you. Infographics? Yes please.

  • Publications

    We have a lot of issues. 55 issues and counting.

  • Non-profit

    We have a soft spot for non-profits. Avoid one-use plastics! Thank you.


Every element we produce has a job to do:

to be informative, creative, engaging, and ROI driven.

We might be a creative agency, but we actually get very excited about numbers. Growth is the result of successful strategy in marketing, along with other important factors of course, but we share your enthusiasm for success. When we are on your team, we are interested in seeing your numbers grow. And, as with these current case studies, grow they do.

Case Study: Salisbury Bank

In 2007, we first sat down with Salisbury Bank, a small, local bank with seven branches and a great reputation. Developing their brand personality under the platform of “enriching” set them apart from their competition and we took off from there with print and online campaigns, direct marketing, radio, outdoor, and in-branch marketing materials. Cut to 2017. Salisbury Bank has nearly doubled their branch locations into three states and their assets have more than doubled.

“You have been a big part of our growth.” – Richard J. Cantele, Jr., President and CEO

Salisbury Bank Asset Growth from 2007 to 20170%
% Increase of Branch locations from 2007 to 20170%
Case Study: Sikorsky Credit Union

In 2013, long-time partner and friend of HU, Diane Farrell, stepped in at Sikorsky Credit Union as Senior Vice President Marketing and Strategic Planning. She asked us to assist her in building awareness for the Credit Union as open to membership, and not an affiliate of Sikorsky Aircraft. In the course of four years, the success of Sikorsky Credit Union has sky-rocketed.

Sikorsky Credit Union / start date 20130%
Sikorsky Credit Union / Present0%