Heads Up | Branding, Marketing, Advertising and Promotion for consumer and business
Marketing and promotion agency for consumer and business to business companies, working on a local, national and global level. Cost-effective, collaborative solutions that create excitement and get results.
Copywriting, advertising, photoshop, design, brain storming, digital, business cards, brochure design, content writing, design, branding, infographics, graphic design, format and layout, newsletters, website design,
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Heads Up Marketing & Promotion works lighter, smarter, faster, locally, nationally and globally.

Salisbury Bank - enriching
WashedAshore - Art to Save the Sea
King School - Discover the Academic Difference
Sikorsky Credit Union - Simply Invaluable

Your brand personality builds credibility, creates connection and elicits motivation.


Bring your brand to life with business cards to billboards and everything in between.


Create a brand that works for you 24/7 via website, online ads, and social media.


Add customer incentive and brand loyalty with with a wide range of customizable items.

connect with your audience.

Expand your reach by delivering brand impact across all media.


We help IAOP connect a top tier global business audience. In a time when political disruption and the rise of robotics rule, delivery of latest trends, research, and training is delivered across all digital media platforms and global summit print additions.

Promo Items: A Love Story.

Never underestimate the power of a free gift.

Promotional products are an incredibly powerful marketing tool. In a study conducted by research company, BPMA, 94% of those who received promotional products said that they do not forget the advertiser or the product advertised. We specialize in promotional campaigns that tie all of our marketing together cohesively. Check out what we’ve done for Sikorsky Credit Union. Their number of car loans has gone through the (sun) roof.